What makes Lithuania perfect for data centers?

Lithuania’s Qualities

Dedicated greenfield site with premium conditions

185 acres / 75ha land plot next to the 900 MW Kruonis Hydro Pumped Storage Power Plant available now

Safety ensured thanks to proximity to power plant, which is a designated national strategic asset

330 kV power transmission line installed

Up to 250 MW solar power plant planned for 2030

44.6°F / 7°C average temperature makes site ideally suited for free air cooling options

Cooling water sources available nearby

Site leasing opportunity up to 99 years

Reliable power supply at competitive costs

11% lower electricity price than the EU average (based on 2018 prices)

Energy prices for a data center can be as low as 5.0 ct / kWh (based on 2018 prices), when tax incentives and direct connection to the grid are included

Lithuania has never experienced a simultaneous power outage in its recent history

Lithuania has one of the most dependable electricity networks in Northern Europe, with a reliability index of 99.99993%

Lithuania is part of Nord Pool Spot, Europe’s largest electrical energy market and the world's first multinational exchange for trading electric power

Green Certificates can be issued to guarantee your energy supplies are 100% environmentally friendly

Fast and diversified fiber-optic connectivity

4 international carriers operating in Lithuania, providing global internet reach

8 international dark fiber routing options available

Latency of only 13 milliseconds to Stockholm, 19 to Moscow and 25 to Frankfurt

400km of submarine fiber-optic cables ensure fast, reliable long-distance data exchange

A new submarine fiber route is under construction, and will provide Lithuania with an additional route to Stockholm and Poland

Business-friendly tax conditions and incentives

Minimal import duties and excise fees for data center equipment

Tax cuts of up to 15% for electricity price for large-scale consumers

Up to 20% state support on your investment, including long-term assets and premises leasing, for all investments exceeding €100 million

Lithuania’s six Free Economic Zones offer 0% corporate tax for the first 10 years and 0% tax on real estate

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